Test Options

Mars Mineral maintains a laboratory and pilot scale testing facility for determining the pelletability of your material. The table below summarizes common testing options and equipment Mars Mineral uses to demonstrate the process needed to produce pellets meeting customer specifications.

Topic Options
Objective Demonstrate technical feasibility to produce pellets meeting customer specifications
Required quantity of powder for testing Minimum of 15 kg (25 lb) up to 200 kg (500 lb)
Standard test equipment readily available 8D32Li Pin Mixer
12D54Li Pin Mixer
P-30 Disc Pelletizer
D-30 Deep Drum Pelletizer
DP-14 Agglo-Miser
Auger Feeder
Fluid Bed Dryer
Lab scale drying oven
Drum or Bulk Bag Packaging
Additional processing equipment available Hammer mill
One ton mixer
Multiple auger feeders
Binder(s) Water or aqueous organic
Customer specified
Analytical test equipment Sieve analysis (particle and pellet size distribution)
Moisture balance
Automated or manual finished pellet hardness
Aerated bulk density
Attrition testing
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