Pin Mixer PRO

Advantages of the Pin Mixer PRO

  • Creates New Value-Added Products
  • Recycles By-Products
  • Reduces Production Costs
  • Improves Material Handling & Appearance
  • Reduces Airborne Contaminants

With a Pin Mixer PRO, you can achieve easier handling and transport of difficult-to-process powders, save money, create new revenue streams and reduce the environmental impact of materials that are traditionally considered waste.

Meet the Most Versatile Pin Mixer on the Market

Take a Look at Our Line of Pin Mixers

Models  Markets/Materials Application Capacity
Pin Mixer PRO-DFP  Fines, Dusts & Powders  Feedstocks for Multitude of Industrial Products 0.3-90 tons/hour
Pin Mixer PRO -RCB  Recovered Carbon Black (rCB)  Tinting Agent, Strength Additive or UV Protectant for
Products Used in Aerospace, Appliance, Computer,
Electronics, Furniture, Industrial, Marine (Boat Bodies
& Bed Liners), Non-Automotive Rubbers, Packaging
Film, Pipe Coatings
0.03-30 tons/hour
Pin Mixer PRO -CM Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizers & Soil Amendments with Moisture
Retention Properties
0.3-50 tons/hour
Pin Mixer PRO-BOC
 Bio Char & Other Organic Wastes
 Moisture-Retaining Soil Amendments & Beneficial
Soil Organisms for Managed Turf & Residential
0.2-30 tons/hour

If your application is not listed, call us to discuss your specific requirements.

The Pin Mixer PRO is the Solids Processor Workhorse

The Pin Mixer PRO family of quality pin mixers features carbon or stainless steel construction, based on the application,
as well as variable frequency drives to help you maximize productivity.

Pin Mixer PRO

Pin Mixer PRO-DFP

Convert dusts, fines and powders
into marketable products or
easy-to-dispose waste.

Pin Mixer PRO-RCB

Transform rCB into a revenue
producing feedstock for products
in a variety of industries.

Pin Mixer PRO-CM

Convert chicken manure into
organic fertilizers and soil
amendments with moisture
retention properties.

Pin Mixer PRO-BOC

Convert biochar and other
organic waste into moisture
retaining soil amendments and
beneficial soil organisms for
faster growth in managed turf
and residential applications.



Your Partner in Sustainability

Mars Mineral is a global leader in equipment & systems for the conversion of dusts, fines and powders, including organic waste, into spherical pellets.

Our line of pin mixers can pelletize a wide range of materials, including:

  • Recovered/Recycled Carbon Black (rCB)
  • Coal Dust
  • Manure (Organic Fertilizers)
  • Specialty Fertilizers
  • Specialty Aggregates (Fly Ash, Synthetic Gypsum)

At Mars Mineral, we’re prepared to help you select the best pin mixer for your specific application.

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