DP-14 "Agglo-Miser"

The “Agglo-Miser” laboratory pelletizer is a multi-depth, bench-scale unit which permits a wide range of test conditions for powder and dust pelletizing. It is designed to provide three adjustable pan depths, and a selection of pan speeds and pan angle variations up to 60° maximum.

The “Agglo-Miser” can be operated either as a shallow disc or a deep drum to produce either micropellets, granules, or large balls.


The compact size of the “Agglo-Miser” is well suited for granulation and pelletizing of laboratory quantities. Tests can be effectively conducted on chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, detergents, pigments, ceramics, glass mix, cement, fertilizer, mineral and metal fines, coal and flue dust. Small batches of pellets may be produced continuously at low, medium, and deep pan settings by means of a basic 3” deep pan with two adapter rings for 6” and 9” depths.

DP-14 Agglo-Miser

Used as Pelletizer Used as Mixer End Product Typical Operating Ranges Capacity
Size Shape Drum Disk
DP-14 Agglo-Miser Yes No 0.03 - 1.5 in. dia.
0.85 - 38.1 mm
Spherical 0 - 30° 40-60° 0.20-0.80 ft3/hr 0.006-0.02 m3/hr

DP-14 Specifications

Pan Diameter: 14"
Pan Depth: 3", 6", 9" adjustable.
Pan Speed: 5-50 RPM.
Pan Angle: Horizontal to 60° maximum.
Drive: Digital control drive, 1/4HP, 50/60 Hz, available 120 or 230 volts, 1 phase.
Scrapers: Two types for drum or pan type operation.
Contact Materials: Pan, rings and scrapers are made of type 304 stainless steel.
Spray System (optional): Piping, needle valve, pressure gauge, flexible tubing and nozzle.

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