Making the Right Pelletizing Equipment Choice Requires Expertise

When it comes to pelletizing equipment, you have many options. Mars Mineral can help you make the best choices for your specific application so you can maximize productivity and market opportunities while minimizing overhead costs.

The Deep Drum Pelletizer is an inclined, deep-drum unit featuring an integral, rear-mounted auger feeder. Its design makes it ideal for applications requiring long retention time for densification and production of large-diameter pellets.

The Disc Pelletizer is an adjustable pan device used to produce small diameter pellets (fertilizer size) or large diameter pellets (up to 1-1/2” diameter). The Disc Pelletizer is ideal for pelletizing taconites, copper, nickel, lead and zinc concentrates. It’s also effective in pelletizing reclaimed sludge, moist filter cakes, coal, flue dusts, limestone, fertilizers and ores.

The Agglo-Miser laboratory pelletizer is a multi-depth, bench-scale unit which permits a wide range of test conditions for powder and dust pelletizing. It can be operated either as a shallow disc or a deep drum to produce micro-pellets, granules, or large balls.

The Ampel Horizontal Pelletizer is a rapid-agitation device used to mix, condition and pelletize dusts, fine powders and other materials. It can produce a conditioned, wetted product or a granular, free-flowing agglomerate in capacities ranging from ½ to 50 tph.

The Pin Mixer is a high speed mixer, as well as a conditioning and micro-pelletizing machine that converts dusts into small agglomerates through the action of a high speed rotor shaft and pin assembly. It can handle carbon black, tire char, cement kiln dust, manure, pigments, coal dust, pesticides, electric furnace baghouse dust, limestone fines, graphite, coke, petroleum coke fines, bauxite, silica fume and other materials that require processing in a pelletizer with the addition of liquid binders such as water, lignosulfonate, molasses and sodium silicate.

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Written on Sat, 31 Aug 2019 02:10:01 by Stevdarf
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