Full Range of Material Testing Services Can Save You Time & Money

Powder to Pellets to Products
Powder to Pellets to Products.

For a quick and cost-effective way to determine if your material can be converted from a dust, fine or powder into pellets before committing to full-scale production, Mars Mineral offers research studies and pilot scale development.

If you want us to perform a research study, we’ll need 5-25 gallons of your material. We’ll then add water and binders, and mix it in a disc/drum or pin mixer. The sample yield will provide you with small quantities of green or dried pellets, depending upon the parameters we establish with you during our phone conference or meeting.

If you’re interested in moving closer to commercial production through pilot scale development, we can pelletize a much larger quantity of material – up to 1-2 tons – for larger-scale evaluations by your customers and prospects. We can also demonstrate the process that will be used for commercial scale production.

If your material requires milling, pre-treatment, mixing, special feeding, drying, screening or post-treatment, we can also perform those operations.

Because material testing has many variables, the best way to proceed is to call us at 724-538-3000 or e-mail info@marsmineral.com

Or, you can fill out our Agglomeration Questionnaire and we'll get back to ou promptly.

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