Carbon Black Pelletizing System Could Be a Smart Investment

Powder to Pellets to PROFITS
Powder to Pellets to PROFITS.

With global demand for carbon black expected to exceed $25 billion over the next couple of years, the time could be right for you to invest in a pelletizing system. This low-maintenance, high efficiency equipment operates in a continuous process to convert carbon black powder into pellets used in a wide range of rubber & plastics applications requiring tinting, as well as superior conductive and reinforcing properties.

When it comes to carbon black powder recovered from used tires through pyrolysis, or virgin material, pelletizing makes for easier handling, packaging and shipping (and potentially more money in your pocket) than if you kept the carbon black in a powder state. Our easy to operate pelletizers can produce pellets continuously with high yield at ambient or elevated temperatures. The pellets formed by our pelletizers are of the right size and strength required for rubber and plastics applications in the automotive, industrial, marine and office products markets.

Our pelletizing equipment is in commercial use worldwide to pelletize carbon black powder and is quickly becoming the standard of excellence in low maintenance, high efficiency process equipment for this application.

If you would like to learn more about how pelletizing carbon black powder with Mars Mineral process equipment can benefit your business, please contact Craig Vaughan at or visit

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