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Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) Pelletizing Can Reduce Production Costs While Improving the Environment

Pin Mixer PRO-RCB
The Pin Mixer PRO-RCB transforms rCB into a revenue-producing feedstock for products in a variety of industries. One machine can process 0.03 to 30 tons/hour.

Conversion of bulk powder materials into spherical pellets can turn a waste product into a revenue-producing feedstock. Tire char created by...

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The Straight Poop on Manure Pelletizing

Pin Mixer PRO-CM
The Pin Mixer PRO-CM converts chicken manure into organic fertilizers and soil amendments with moisture-retention properties. One machine can process 0.3 to 50 tons/hour.

The need to dispose of large quantities of poultry litter in a manner that’s both cost-effective and environmentally acceptable...

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Pelletizing of Powders Can Create New Revenue Streams

Pin Mixer PRO-DFP
The Pin Mixer PRO-DFP converts dusts, fines and powders into marketable products or easy-to-dispose waste. One machine can process 0.3 to 90 tons/hour.

A combination of increasing costs and environmental regulations have made agitation agglomeration – the process of converting fine powder material...

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